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What is Double Up Food Bucks?

Double Up Food Bucks (Double Up) is a creative solution that improves healthy food access for families who need it most while providing real economic benefits for local farmers.

Double Up increases the purchase of fruits and vegetables among low-income consumers participating in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) by doubling their dollars for more fresh produce. The program also supports local farmers by increasing produce sales.

Smiling black woman buying fresh vegetables at farmer's market

How Double Up Works

For every $1 customers spend on fresh fruits and vegetables with their SNAP benefits, they receive an additional $1 to spend on their next produce purchase, up to $20 a day. This match is provided in the form of physical tokens at farmers markets and electronic coupons at grocery stores.

Double Up Locations

Double Up Mississippi will launch at sites across the state during the spring of 2020 and run through October 2022. 

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